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What. An. Eventful. Week.

The title pretty much sums it up, but what’s the fun of a blog, if you don’t really blog about anything?

As my second to last semester of school wraps up, I have finally been able to focus more on my pillows. I’ve listed more, including an eco-friendly option, with 100% organic fabric for the front, and an eco-friendly pillow insert (made out of corn)!

Also, in other big news, I have been featured in a treasury! See it here. Thrush, a very nice person who sells beautiful vintage clothing, was nice enough to curate a treasury list with all undiscovered shops. It is really nice to have someone who you don’t know help you out! It makes one reevaluate how much a small act of kindness can go in the world.

So, in honor of that kindness, here is a coupon code for 30% off! Just enter KINDNESS in the coupon box before checking out.

It makes the world go round.

See you soon!


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I am just full of updates.

Well, the past two days, I have been super busy, working all hours into the night, and I have finally listed two items. I feel like this process will only get easier from here, and, sigh, I’m relieved.

I am so happy to finally have them up, and can’t wait to make more, and also start brainstorming on other projects that will fit in well with Lilly Ella Collections.

Stay tuned and don’t forget the coupon codes!


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