Zippers are to me as Kryptonite is to Superman. So far.

Well, for me, it was a rather difficult and disappointing Thanksgiving break in regards to my advancement for Lilly Ella Collections.

After sorting out a few kinks in my process, I’m back at pushing towards my new deadline I’ve set for myself. By December 25th, I plan on having items listed in my shop– — and I’m about a third of the way there.

I’ve decided that frustration will not overtake me. Some things I have struggled with are pretty major in regards to the whole outlook for the shop.

First and foremost, the Pfaff and I were instant enemies. Right from the beginning, it was a rough start. I did a few practice stitches after setting up the machine, and everything seemed to be fine–on the surface. I felt comfortable enough to begin sewing on my beautiful fabric I raved about in the previous post, but no sooner than I went about an inch, it began tearing through it faster than I could even realize it was swallowing it down by the bobbin! After fumbling with the bobbin, the needle, the settings, and pretty much everything else I could think of, I was near meltdown mode. I enlisted the help of my sweetheart husband, even though he has no experience with sewing machines, and we tried for about two hours with no avail. Penelope knows exactly how to express how I felt: Eventually I decided that my grandmother (who owns the Pfaff) would know better how to fix it or what was wrong. I returned it. So, I was sewing machine-less again. But only for a day.

My sister-in-law kindly lent me her Brother CS-6000i, which was still in the box brand new. I got the honor of opening it up and making the first stitch. And it works great! I love it so much I’ve added one of my own to my Christmas list, which is very long, by the way, ever since I discovered Etsy.

The beauty herself (and you can pretty much see my entire “studio” aka the kitchen table)! So, to continue on with my sob story of frustration. I’ll make it quick and painless for you, don’t worry. I wouldn’t want to put anyone through the simply infuriating sensation that the next topic has brought upon me. Zippers. Simply said, I pretty much suck at them. In all the sewing lessons of the past, they have never been included. And they should have been. I have really tried, grumbled, ripped seams, tried, grumbled, ripped seams, and tried again. The end product is merely acceptable at this point, and until I can get some more practice, they won’t be included in my designs.

But on the upside, I really did learn at lot in the past week. And I have become reacquainted with the sewing machine, and I have developed a solid design for a 16 X 16 pillow. Now that mostly everything has worked itself out, I feel like I may be pretty much unstoppable.

Look out world.


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