Slowly…but surely.


First and foremost, thank you so much for being a part of this process with me. I have recently started the process of opening a shop on, where I am planning on creating housewares.

Since I was 11, I have been sewing different things, all thanks to my wonderful grandma. She has an unspeakable talent for sewing, and she has probably made about 10 quilts (totally complete) and I am pretty sure she has over 50 started, and 30 planned (give or take a few :)). She has taught me everything I know. I was very active in 4-H, where I developed my passion for creating things. I did Decorate Your Duds, and Heritage Arts (Quilting), and was fairly successful at it. Now, I want to turn that passion into something that I can share with everyone.

I’m going to start with decorative pillows. As of right now, I do not have a sewing machine, which presents a bit of a dilemma. Hand sewing is an option, but I definitely do not have the patience or skill to even attempt that. So my wonderful grandma (who I introduced before), is lending me a metal Pfaff, that she said is probably 40 years old. This is perfect for me! A good, solid, proven machine is just what I need to get this started. Hopefully I will be getting this by next Wednesday.

So until then, I have just begun the initiating phase of Lilly Ella Collections. I have this blog (which I am blindly groping my way through, bare with me), and I have created my shop on Etsy. I have put the final touches on my shop policies, and I have started to get some of my designs for pillows down on paper.

As for the design of my shop, I attempted this for about four hours to get my banner and avatar set. This was a nightmare for me! I was certainly not blessed with that artistic talent, and I am planning on reaching out to a very talented graphic artist to help me out with this. Hopefully it can really help illustrate what my brand and design is all about.


For one of my Decorate Your Duds projects when I was younger involved origami fabric flowers, and I really want to incorporate some of those in my designs. I have included an image of some of them that I have started above.

One of the long-term goals I have set for Lilly Ella Collections, is to become completely ecofriendly. I want to incorporate organic fabrics, and even want to make my shipping materials have the least amount of impact on the environment. Sustainability is really something to strive for, and I want to do my part in that goal.

So far, everything is coming on slowly…but surely. I want to make sure everything is done right the first time. I am passionate about meeting my goals and exceeding them, and I’m so glad you’re here to see it and support it. It means so much!

A perk of following me along in this journey (besides the obvious ones for me, knowing I have some support) is that there will be opportunity for you to save on purchases with Lilly Ella Collections. So please look forward to that.

That is basically it…for now. Stay posted for more development, and thanks for being here!


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